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Limonchello Recipe- made with authentic Italian santa-teresa femminello lemons

10 organic Sorrento lemons

1 (750mil) bottle 100 proof vodka or 1 bottle Everclear

5 cups

4 cups sugar

1 *first wash and peel Zest only-be sure to get no white as it makes liqueur bitter

***use a serrated peeler***

2 *place peels in a GLASS jar with tight lid-store in a cool dark place for 40 days- longer the better

After 40 days...

3 *make a simple syrup with the sugar and water -boil for 5 mins. 

4 *let cool to room temp and add to alcohol & peels

5 *restore and let sit for at least a week

6*strain through a paper coffee filter and bottle

7*Keep in freezer for longer use.

Serve over ice, on ice-cream or pound cake, mix with sparkling water or champagne!

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